The Ukulele Duo Christmas Collection

On popular request we have put together this download page for our contributions through the years to the "Ukulele Advent Calendar.

Claudia and I had a lot of fun recording them and we hope you will enjoy listening as well.

You will find the songs listed a bit further down on this page. To download, you right click the link and select "Save link as". Alternatively, you can click through to the song and then select "Save page" in the browser file menu. The songs are in the mp3 file format.

Any legal stuff one needs to care about?

These songs should be ok for private use, but all recordings are without the expressed permission of the original artist. Should you wish to use them in any other context than for your own entertainment, please contact us for a discussion on how to best proceed.

About the recordings

All recordings were made in our home in Aspudden, Stockholm. Claudia does the singing and we both play the ukulele.

For recording and mixing, Cubase was initially used, but this year (2009) we switched to Logic Express. The most essential gear used are two cheap ukuleles (Bruko and Mahalo), a RěDE NT1000 condenser microphone, a budget Westone electric bass and various small percussion instruments.


If you like our recordings, or just want to drop us a note, please send a mail to ukeduo at gmail com.